Are you ready to start planning your wedding abroad?

“Help!…Where do we begin?” Is your mind going around in circles and you’re not sure what to do first or how to start planning your wedding abroad?


Allie and Peter Sanja JagaticSTEP 1 – BE SURE Be happy and confident with your decision to get married abroad.   STEP 2 – BE INSPIRED Let your imagine run wild! Have a big picture vision of your wedding day – e.g. would you like to get married on the beach, have a small intimate day, be surrounded by incredible scenery.   STEP 3 – SELECT YOUR DESTINATION Narrow down and select your wedding destination. When doing this make sure you take into consideration when you would like to get married– some destinations are better at certain times of the year! NB! Regarding Dalmatia any time is the best time: summers are hot and dry, winters are mild.   STEP 4 – MAKE SURE IT’S LEGAL Ensure you understand and can meet the legal requirements for getting married in the country of your choice. NB!Destination weddings agency can help you with that.   STEP 5 – BUDGET Set a budget – have an approximate figure of what you would like to spend on your wedding. Even if you have a large budget, always do your research to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.   STEP 6 – YOUR INVITE LIST Think about your guest list. Determine the size of your wedding – who you would like to celebrate with – will it be just be the two of you, very close family and friends, or a larger celebration. When inviting guests to your wedding, keep them fully informed to ensure coming to your wedding abroad is as easy and effortless as possible.   STEP 7 – THE RIGHT WAY TO PLAN Decide how you will plan your wedding abroad– do you want to plan it yourself, use a wedding planner or a tour operator. NB! Read: About us , about weddings and our references.   STEP 8 – GETTING HELP Select the suppliers (tour operator, wedding planner or individual suppliers) who you will work with to plan your day.   STEP 9 – WORK OUT THE DETAILS Work on the finer details and the structure and components of your day. This includes selecting your wedding venues and how you would like your day to run.   STEP 10 – JUST IN CASE Get yourself covered. I strongly recommend getting wedding abroad insurance – it’s better to be safe than sorry!   Thank you for the interesting steps you have written. Go and read the original article here NB! We would also add the last but the most important step - find a trustworthy agency that will help and do all the hardwork for you. We are Dreamtime Events Croatia, your new best friend...

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