Barone miracle

370 years ago, Barone was built by the hands of those who had seen their only salvation in this fortress.

Barone fortess now is the place where new memories are born.


Barone: Redescovering the rich past, the way to a successful future


Barone Fortress was built in 1646 on Vidakuša, the 80 meter-high hill above the city. Along with the other three fortresses in Šibenik, it represents a unique defence system which resisted the enemies of the city for centuries. Today, it has an exceptional monumental value recognized across Europe.

HINT: Read more about the history on the Barone Fortress website

The exciting story of the city’s defence is told in contemporary language – step into the augmented reality and experience the battle for Šibenik using your smart devices or AR glasses. The impressive view from Barone Fortress treats us with a never conquered medieval city and its archipelago. The unique experience is made complete with the rustic, forgotten flavours of past times. Between the sky and the earth, this magnificent place is awaiting for the new memories to be engraved.  The experience on the revitalized Barone Fortress is always – more than reality.

This is the place where your wedding will leave you and your guests breathless!

One interesting possibility that we’ll use to amuse your guests is augmented reality innovation.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technological innovation in which user’s view of the world is augmented (or supplemented) with computer-generated inputs such as sound, video or, for example, digital characters. Using AR technology, the user is interactively connected with the surrounding real-world, and is digitally controlling his access to available information. By stepping into augmented reality, a visitor of Barone Fortress can see 17-century Šibenik and its fortification system, and relive the dangerous sieges of 1646/47, the largest Ottoman attacks on Dalmatia – during this time two fortresses which had ultimately defended Šibenik were built.

Digital guides – Jure from Šibenik, and Frane Divnić, a historian and eyewitness of the battle – lead the visitor through the story.

Interesting, don’t you agree?

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