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Branka Čubelić

Branka Ćubelić, CEO / The Aussie


It is impossible to sum up Branka in a few sentences. She has lived a lot of lives and worn a variety of hats.


Just to name a few:


– Event coordinator in Perth

– Manager at Billich Art Gallery in Sydney

– Artistic Director of numerous folk ensembles throughout Australia

– Concert and festival producer of various events in Perth and Sydney

Wow – quite the resume. However, believe it or not, her personal skills are even more impressive. People are drawn to her, gravitate towards her, and everybody wants to be her friend. She is, simply put, the most positive and happy person we have ever met. When she walks into a room all attention focuses on her, frowns quickly become smiles and all ears perk up. Everyone wants to hear what Branka has to say. Wait – did we mention „networker extrordinaire“ , be it Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, she has a contact there. Her personality and character are synonymous with class and style and this is what she brings to every event she organizes.

She is the ideal host, making everyone feel comfortable and important. Her knowledge of cuisine, vacationing, party planning and entertaining is legendary. We are priviliged to work with such an accomplished individual.

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