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Zagreb – City of Romance

Zagreb is a beautiful city for a romantic break and/or a wedding, it can inflame your romance with its twisting and intriguing streets. But, also, this  Croatian capital has a great vibe, lots of parks, historical sites, good nightlife and vibrant restaurant scene. Take a stroll at Zagreb Upper Town and find your solitary kissing spot between

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Dreamtime at International Rural Tourism Congress

The International  Rural Tourism Congress was the largest scientific and professional tourist gathering in Supetar in the last 20 years, an event that we are extremely proud of. Tourist Board of the City of Supetar was a proud and excellent host and co-organizer. We attended lots of lectures, panel discussions, presentations so we can provide remarkable events

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Corporate event

In Dubrovnik, from June 19th till June 24th 2017, the 10th ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine was held. It was a big thing for our country and for our agency. You wonder why? First of all you know it’s a big thing when you are welcoming

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Wedding location: Nin

Nin is a small town located on a small island in the middle of a shallow lagoon. It is  connected to the mainland by two stone bridges. Tourist board Nin says for its romantic small town that it has had an exciting past and today a lovely present. All its stories, all its beauty and natural

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Magical Island of Hvar

Pitve is a settlement on the island of Hvar, in the district of Jelsa. It lies 168 metres above sea-level on the northern side of the island, in the hills above Jelsa. The road from Jelsa and Vrisnik goes through the 1,500 metre long Pitve tunnel to reach Zavala on the south side of the

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Dreamtime Events Croatia CEO Branka Cubelic is selected to receive the coveted Croatian Women of Influence Award and Future Leaders Award! The Croatian Women’s Network (www.CroatianWomensNetwork.org) is a global forum that celebrates, champions and connects Croatian women. CNW and the Croatian Women of Influence Award connect distinguished women of Croatian ancestry from around the world


Is #instaban just a trend ?

#Instaban According to urbandictionary.com Instaban –as a verb is a compound word from “instant” and “ban”; to be banned instantly, as from an online game or web forum. As an adjective – a behavior for which there is zero tolerance, which will likely result in an instant ban. So what does it have to do

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Wedding near Knin

Last week we organized a wedding near Knin. It was not just a wedding – it was a special wedding. Now, you’ll say yeah, everybody say that their wedding is special.  – And that’s true, but when we say it was special – than we mean it. We are not going to share our promotional

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Fairy-Tale Wedding

  Want to actually feel like a princess on your wedding day? We can arrange a castle wedding for you! No really! Stop dreaming about your fantasy wedding – we will make it happen. You just have to tie the knot at one of the best venues we are presenting you – Martinis Marchi castle.

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Count your roses!

Hey ladies, don’t you just love to receive a bouquet of roses? Hey guys – don’t you just love the Thank You Kiss received after surprising your loved one with rose bouquet? Have you ever thought about the number of roses in the bouquet? Yeah, you will count them for sure, but the number of

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