Festive and sweet?

What are traditional Christmas and New Year’s Eve desserts on the Adriatic coast?

Let us wrap up the year with an interesting overview of desserts for foodies that is  consisted of two ‘must-try’ traditional Dalmatian sweets that can easily be found on your wedding menu…

Croatian fritule: mini fritters

Croatian fritters, called “fritule” or “uštipci”, look like a mini doughnuts and originate from the historic Croatian coastal region of Dalmatia.  Fritule are traditionally served at Christmas time, but you will find it really hard to stick to such rules, you will want to taste them right now!

They are highly addictive, particularly when sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are flavoured with rum and sometimes raisins, enjoyed all over Dalmatia.

Wanna try making Fritule yourself? We are here to help, but on your wedding day leave our Dalmatian cooking experts to do their job.


Rozata is a traditional Dalmatian pudding with caramel sauce, kind of a custard similar to flan. Its name come from unique Dubrovnik Liqueur Rozalin (rose liqueur), which gives the cake its special aroma.






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