Get married in Meštrović Gallery in Split

Get married in Meštrović Gallery in SplitCroatia is very popular as a tourist destination and is fast becoming a leading wedding destination too. And no wonder – with its historical cities and coastline filled with magical islands, Croatia has plenty of gorgeous locations in which to get married. One of those locations is city of Split and its’ Ivan Meštrović Gallery.

Ivan Mestrovic Gallery (Croatian: Galerija Meštrović), is an art museum in Split, Croatia dedicated to the work of the 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. The gallery preserves and presents to the public the most significant works of Meštrović, and is in itself an art monument.

The permanent collection includes works of sculpture, drawings, design, furniture and architecture. Holdings include original plaster models by the artist, as well as finished works in bronze, marble and wood. The gallery building and grounds were based on original plans by Meštrović himself, and included living and working areas, as well as exhibition spaces.

Yes, it is an amazing cultural location but also amazing and inspirational place for your wedding in Croatia.

Go ahead and browse our magical gallery:

Good luck happy couple!

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First thing is to choose the perfect location

…and find out which documents you might need. A good place to start is with your embassy in Croatia. (Check out the requirements for couples from the United Kingdom and the United States.)

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