Most Romantic Venue vol. 1 – Historic Castle Wedding package

We know it’s difficult for you to decide about the perfect wedding venue. That’s why we have created 5 different themed packages for your wedding.

Some of them include castle as a venue, some of them secret island, but all of them have
exclusivity threaded deep inside.
We are going to present them to you in this one and in future posts devided by themes , but first – let us ask you a question…

…do you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day?

No, it’s not a stupid question, we allready know that every girl want’s to feel like a princess,  but do you want to feel like a REAL princess on your wedding day – that is the question!


and what every princess needs except her prince?

A castle!

We can arrange a castle wedding for you!

No really! Stop dreaming about your fantasy wedding – we will make it happen!

You just have to tie the knot at one of the best venues we are presenting you.

First one would be Martinis Marchi that we already wrote about in previous post.

Martinis Marchi is a Hotel & Restaurant located in a historic castle in Maslinica on the island of Šolta’s west coast. It is a place which vividly evokes visions of sparkling teal waters and a landscape dotted with olive trees.
In 1703, the three Marchi brothers got permission from the Venetian authorities to build a tower, a village and a church above the bay of Maslinica. At the time, pirate attacks were becoming frequent and, with considerable efforts of the colonists, two years later a castle was erected together with defence walls and a prominent tower as the last point of defence… Today, after three centuries of tumultuous history, the Martinis Marchi castle welcomes you into its chambers that echo with the soft whisper of times gone by. The staff of the castle wishes you a pleasant stay.

Others would be:

Barone Fortress in Šibenik

Barone Fortress was officially opened on January 29th 2016, under the slogan ‘Barone- discovering the rich history – the path to a successful future”, after a complete renovation worth 1,3 million euros.
A view from the restored fortress Barone, that dates back in the 17th century, on the city and the St. Ante’s canal is certainly worth experiencing.
– you can read about it here.


And what would be included in the Historic Castle Wedding package ?

  • Ceremony Location- venue
  • Destination wedding photographer for ceremony
  • Destination wedding videographer for ceremony
  • Symbolic Ceremony Officiant
  • Professional bridal makeup
  • Professional bridal hair styling
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Groom’s buttonhole/boutonniere
  • Fifty white garden chairs for ceremony
  • Chair décor for ten chairs
  • Antique white table for ceremony
  • Floral arrangement for ceremony table
  • Ceremony music (violin or classical guitar)
  • Venue privatization fee
  • Destination wedding videographer for reception
  • Destination wedding photographer for reception
  • Dinner Reception Location: Historic Castle
  • Four course dinner menu and a Wedding cake
  • Floral arrangements for five guest tables
  • Floral arrangement and décor for head table
  • Professional ambience lighting
  • Wedding DJ
  • Unlimited communication with wedding planner throughout
    the entire planning process
  • Minimum of two wedding planners to assist during wedding ceremony and reception
  • Wedding planning fee


Interested in the price? – let’s chat!

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