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The wedding planning process and all the fuss about it can bring joy to same couples but it can also bring out the worst in them so its no wonder lots of couples decide to ditch their big wedding plans and say ”hello” to elopement!

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Money.

For some people spending money on romantic honeymoon travel is more appealing than spending it on a big wedding ceremony. There are couples that don’t want to make a big fuss out of it, or don’t want to handle difficult family get-togethers or simply don’t like the whole idea of weddings.

You won’t have to pay so much for gorgeous photos. Croatia has lots of romantic islands and mountains, hidden bays and secret locations that are not listed in every guidebook. There is something so incredibly magical about elopements that it can literary be seen on photos.

Photographers also don’t have to spend so much time in covering your event which means less expense for you!

The wedding agency fee will also be cheaper for organizing elopement than for your whole big wedding.

According to there are some more attributes more important than money:

  1. No stress.

Don’t want to spend a year or more of your life planning a wedding? Don’t want to wait a year or more to get married? Then go ahead and get married – it’s as simple as that.  You will save many hours of hard work by having a quick elopement.

Shy brides will empathize with the anxiety that comes with being the center of attention in a room full of people. Having to socialize, mingle and say your vows in front of everyone you know is a scary thought for some people who prefer a quieter setting. If this sounds like you, an elopement might be the perfect fit.

  1. Adventure & location

Who doesn’t love an excuse to travel? An elopement gives you a license to follow your heart and travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Since there is just the two of you (and maybe a handful of guests), you can get really creative with your wedding location. Want to get married on a mountaintop? Inside a forest? At your favorite cafe? On a remote beach? The choices are endless.

Without having to worry about a guest list, you can be as adventurous as you want to be. Maybe you’ve always wanted to explore Croatian coast, but you’ve always found an excuse not to go. An elopement can be the push you need to take a chance on something just outside the edge of your comfort zone.

  1. No troubles

One of the reasons I didn’t have a wedding party at my wedding was to avoid the extra stress of coordinating a wedding party; it was one thing I didn’t have to worry about and I could focus on other things, as well as us as a couple. You may look for ways to strike things off the list or forgo the wedding task list completely and elope.

  1. Time

There are many reasons why couples choose to elope ranging from pregnancies to family issues to military duties. Sometimes those reasons necessitate a short planning duration. It is difficult to plan a 100-guest wedding in two weeks – but an elopement is entirely doable!

  1. The true meaning

You can focus on the love, rather than the guest list.

Instead of worrying about your aunt getting sloshed, or your cousin Vinnie telling lurid jokes to your mother-in-law during the reception, you can focus solely on the love between you and your partner. And we think that’s the best reason of all.

It sounds great doesn’t it? But we still have to write some downsides. Objectivity is important if we want to make a great combo in planning your wedding elopement. (we surely will but just in case…):

You’ve decided to forget all about the stress of wedding planning and run off just the two of you to say I Do. But just because this plan is much easier to pull off, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some effort. Check out these six things you might forget to do before eloping.

As your wedding planner we will have to make sure on all the legal requirements for couples wishing to elope in Croatia. You should have all the necessary materials for applying for marriage license in Croatia.

You need us even dough it’s not a big wedding.

Coordinating your marriage license and insuring all of your details are good to go as well as finding the right location, hotel, venue and all other magical stuff only locals know is something you could do by yourself (hard work!) but than again –if you start planning big you should ask yourself would you rather prefer a bigger wedding instead?

Although it’s an elopement, it’s also still a wedding, so you should still think about those key details that will make your day special and reflect your personalities.

How long will you stay? Would you like to combine your elopement with your honeymoon?  Sailing on beautiful Adriatic sea or house on the beach could be your jackpot romantic locations…

  • Do you want a particular color scheme with flowers?
  • A small wedding cake?
  • A first dance?
  • What about the photographer?
  • Yes, you can have those things even if you elope!

Last and the worst thing is returning from your elopement and preparation for everyone’s reactions. They may be disappointed they were not able to be a part of your big day.

Share the news with you parents. They ARE your parents but avoid telling it to ANYBODY else. It’s an elopement!

And so ….your adventure begins!

Enjoy it, we surely will!

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