9 Winter Wedding Inspired Photos

Hey! What about some wedding photos that will make you wanna get married in Dalmatia next winter?

This small region in Croatia can fascinate any bride searching for a Mediterranean climate, lots of islands (more than a thousand), national parks, historical ruins, and vibrant towns.


We bet that, besides the history of the Dalmatia itself, the weather is also very important to you? Don’t worry, in Dalmatia the climate is perfect for winter weddings. The coast has a typically Mediterranean climate consisting of hot, dry, sunny weather during summer, and relatively mild weather in winter. Temperatures never really get below about 5°C/41°F and during autumn and winter on the coast, you will still experience some sunny days, although it can sometimes get quite rainy.

Rain shouldn’t bother you – we will organize your wedding without a drop of rain on your magical bridal updo.

Split in winter. When Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to retire, he could have chosen any place to build a palace anywhere in the Roman Empire. He has chosen today’s city of Split. Construction of the Diocletian Palace in the late third century AD took 10 years and at over 334,000 sq feet (30,100 sqm) it has slowly morphed over the centuries into a fortress and town as well as an imperial residence. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, his massive marble palace has been engulfed by 21st-century Split – itself a charming, pulsating city, squashed between the Adriatic Sea and coastal hills.

And during the last dance, we can easily wrap it up with a classical…

Or a traditional Croatian one:

Here you could see all the different styles weddings can have – but, even dough they are all designed in a different style – their purpose is same: to spread the joyful spirit and make people feel warm…in the heart.

Spend your next Xmas with us. Let us share the joy with you.




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