7 Reasons A Destination Wedding Is The Best Kind

Since you were little you were picturing your dream wedding. We all did!

But, did you think it’d be on a beach, turquoise waters framing your walk down the aisle?

Did you imagine exchanging vows in an old castle?

Tying the knot under the clear blue sky?

Yes – all of these locations could be better than we ever imagined, but whose hometown or current living situation is equipped with ANY of these fantasy locations?

Our is! Its’ Croatia!

We should give in to our childhood fantasies and plan a destination wedding.

According to http://elitedaily.com/dating/destination-wedding-best/1293691/,  here’s why:

1.The Wish Fulfillment

With a destination wedding, you aren’t limited to your surroundings. Anything you dream can be the backdrop of your marriage.

2.The Wedding/Honeymoon Combo

The beauty of a destination wedding is it can double as a wedding and a honeymoon.

Photo: Sanja Jagatić

Photo: Sanja Jagatić

3.The Guest List

No one WANTS more than 100 guests at his or her wedding.

Who would prefer their incredibly personal celebration become a circus? Wouldn’t you rather know the people popping champagne with you?

But familial obligations often make a small guest list impossible. Every family friend, distant relative and grocery store clerk becomes a must-invite when you have a local wedding.

Destination weddings are the perfect excuse to limit the guest list.

4.The Décor

When you choose the setting for your wedding, you’re deciding on a location that encapsulates your desired vibe.

When it comes to a destination wedding, your venue can speak for itself.

5.The Photos

No life event screams “pics or it didn’t happen” as much as a wedding. These photos will be the ultimate memory, whipped out at holidays for the rest of your lives. The backdrop of a destination wedding will require no filter, and it’ll stun for years to come.

6.The Unique Factor

With a destination wedding, your guests are having an experience unique to your event. They’ll leave remembering exactly which couple they were celebrating that night because it’ll look like nothing else they’ve attended.

7.The Cost

It’s hard to fathom, but in many cases, the destination wedding has become a cost-effective option when planning your nuptials.

Consider all the elements we’ve already discussed that make a destination wedding better, and consider the result: You’re saving money!

With less décor, an easier honeymoon and a smaller guest list, you’re cutting your budget significantly without compromising on your dream day.

8.Something extra

Yes, we now the title said 7 reasons, but we have to say that the last but not the least is Dreamtime Events Croatia. We will do all the hard work for you. You will have the luxury wedding you deserve and it will be so much more than you have ever imagined…



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