Carling and Samuel: SPLIT ELOPEMENT

There’s something so romantic about a beach elopement in Croatia.  It’s intimate, it’s all about you as the couple and the love your share for one another.  On the last Thursday of August, Carling and Samuel, young couple from Canada said ‘’I do’’ to each other in the park in city of Split, overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

It was a beautiful and touching ceremony.

That Thursday morning, we got up on a boat in Split, together with our hairdresser and make-up artist while carrying a freshly arranged wedding bouquet. It had to be fresh and untacked until Carling sees it.

All of her favorite flowers were inside, and we couldn’t stop admiring her sense of style when she showed us what she wants. So simple and so classy.

Sun was shining, weather was amazing, and the temperature did not rise up high as it does usually in August in Croatia.

So, while listening to the splash of waves while approaching the shore we knew – this wedding is going to be special.  And it was.

Carling and Samuel stayed at Brown Beach House where all the preparation for the photo shooting and ceremony has been done.  We guess you can’t wait to see how it all looked like?

Iva and Vedran did some amazing Photos of that day so let’s have a look:


The young couple has been transferred with a speed boat to city of Split where they did a photo shooting while having a relaxed city walk.






Antique Chevrolet was their carriage to the wedding location. It was such a pleasure riding in that beauty.

The ceremony was held in Park Marjan overlooking the sea and the city of Split.




You see – simple but classy.

We told you it was going to be perfect;)


After the car drove them back to Brown Beach Hotel for a romantic dinner we went to sum up the day over a glass of vine and some food. It is a sad truth that the wedding planners forget about the water and food until its all over. We don’t know why, maybe because we care to much.

But you know all the hard work and caring and thinking about hundreds things in the same time is worth it. Why you ask? Because of the texts like this:

”We couldn’t have asked for a better group of ladies to plan our wedding day! Leaving every detail in their capable hands, we were able to enjoy every moment of our wedding day with no cares in the world! Even though we were on the other side of the world, their planning and communication was amazing!!!” – Carling and Samuel






Photos: Iva and Vedran

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